Horseman's Retreat LLC


Call or E-mail for current pricing and discounts for multiple horses or military/student owners.

  • On-Site Owner/Operator
  • Armed Security - end of road location
  • Immediate Farrier services
  • Farm's own mixed Square Bales
  • Hallway Feed 12% Traditional Horse Feed 
  • Boonesboro Animal Clinic on call 
  • Flexible training schedules
  • Network of Professionals 

Routine Board ($225/month) includes year round care, custody, control for select customers.  Free grazing, and year round hay/grain is made available only as appropriate.  Daily checks, routine first aide, medications, and reliable interaction with the animal (training to ensure/ maintain acceptable behavior) is standard practice.  Use of facilities second only to our Horsemans Retreat needs, and storage for the owner's tack/supplies is made available as well.    Additional charges are made for worming, annual shots, veterinary care, farrier work, dental work and trailer storage.  For insurance purposes: all outside services are approved/coordinated.  Visitors beyond the owner's immediate family require advanced notice/approval.  NO FREE BOARD:  Board is payable by 5th of month w/ loss of all ownership upon third unpaid invoice in arears.  $25 late fees may also be applied.         
Basic Training (Double Board) includes multiple sessions with the horse of a duration, intensity, and frequency as determined by the needs and learning ability of the horse, expected overall length of stay, and the Horseman's Retreat owner's personal schedule.  Typically this training effort is suitable for gentling or colt starting of young horses, and involves three to five at length sessions per week in addition to numerous short opportunities beyond Routine Board training efforts.   Usually, 60 to 90 days of training will achieve solid ground work skills/confidence and satisfactory results for basic riding.

Intensive Training (Triple Board) is a high priority, dedicated effort to solve a particular problem with the horse and/or speed development beyond simple concepts.  Typically this training effort is suitable for horses with challenges, behavior problems, or ones in a frame of mind ready for advanced training efforts.  Also without a specific schedule,  daily sessions can be expected.  Session logs/photos are documented and provided the owner.

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